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Out the Gate is a 2011 Jamaican action film that follows Everton Dennis, played by Everton Dennis as he leaves his home in Jamaica to make it big in the United States in music. It stars Paul Campbell, Oliver Samuels,Shelli Boone, and Everton Dennis, was written by Qmillion and Everton Dennis and directed by R. Steven Johnson and Qmillion. The picture had its official limited release in the United States and Jamaica Distributed by Far I Films in 2011 followed by the DVD in 2012. The film was released to theaters in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, as well as Jamaica. Newspaper Atlanta Daily World wrote the movie "appears to be on its way to becoming a classic".

The film tells the story of a dreamer, Everton (Everton Dennis) who after things go wrong in his home town of (Toll Gate) Clarendon, leaves for the United States to make it big in music, where the Don of LA (Paul Campbell) demands more than he can deliver. Below is a trailer of the movie.

You can also visit http://www.outthegatemovie.com for more information about the movie, the cast members, the producer, and director of the movie.

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This is the video page of Unseenlab Recordings artist Everton "E-Dee" Dennis - Reggae, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Singer, Songwriter, And Actor. Click on the link above to get to the Unseenlab Recordings videos and movies archive. This archive contains music videos of Everton "E-Dee" Dennis and trailers of his movie "Out The Gate".

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